Aware of fluctuating workloads inherent in EDP environments, PROTEMPS initially specialized in personnel placements for data encoding jobs.

Since 1982, the management of PROTEMPS successfully placed a staff of 30 data encoders assigned to eight companies.  Today, its pool has grown to more than 700 people deployed in at least 45 work sites. This growth attests to increasing acceptance among corporate managers of the cost-efficiency of sub-contracting or resorting to temporary hires to accommodate excess seasonal loads.  This concept even became more relevant under the volatile business conditions currently prevailing.

From such response, PROTEMPS diversified into developing an expanded pool to provide manpower placements beyond IT jobs.  Now, it offers strictly screened personnel matched up for jobs such as:


• Office staff (Clerks, Encoders, HR and Accounting Assistants, etc.)

• Secretaries/Receptionists

• Sales and Marketing Personnel

• IT Personnel

• Production Personnel 

• Warehouse Personnel

• Messengers

• Drivers


 PROTEMPS’ clients include banks and financial institutions, manufacturing firms, food & beverage firms, computer companies, fast food chains, schools and hospitals, drug, and telecommunication firms.



PROTEMPS’ rigid standards start right from people selection. It subjects applicants to a battery of personality, technical, and skills tests and other tests that client may require. PROTEMPS then picks only the best people and provides them with comprehensive training programs to continuously upgrade their skills and know-how.  Top to bottom evaluation of our pool is conducted periodically to update their skills based on new technology needs in the market.  PROTEMPS is one, among a few in the industry, which conducts such programs. 






PROTEMPS is a first rate manpower company in strategic partnerships with government and businesses to provide the Filipino worker with a decent, equitable and productive employment.



PROTEMPS partners with businesses to provide them with proficient and professional workers in a timely manner. We partner with the Filipino worker to place them in a productive and rewarding career that allows personal and professional growth. We believe in fair and equitable employment, empowerment of the Filipino employee and the dynamism of the business times for the development of the country.